General Rules

  Dress Code - The following Dress Code is enforced: Collared Shirts, Dark Colored Slacks, and All-Black Shoes for ALL events. Wearing of headwear such as bandana, hat or cap during play is not permitted, except for religious reasons. No earphones during any match.
  Mobile Telephones - Players and their guests MUST either turn off or put to silent mode their mobile phones before entering the playing area.
  Smoking - Smoking is NOT allowed inside the venue, including e-cigarettes/vapes. Designated smoking areas are provided.
  • Players are not allowed to eat and drink inside the perimeter of the playing area.
  Player Behavior – Players are reminded to behave in an acceptable manner. Players should always be present and ready to throw on their turn. Undue delay of the game and use of abusive language will not be tolerated.
  The tournament director has the power to stop a game and award the game to the opponent of any player whom the tournament director decides whose behavior is damaging to the sport, the DOT, NDFP, sponsors, and broadcasters.
  • The tournament will be guided by the rules of the Darts Regulation Authority (DRA) including Code of Conduct. All games will be straight start, finish on a double and the bull will count as double 25. The burst rule will apply in all matches. All matches will be straight knock-out.
  • Philippine Open 2019 Tournament Committee reserves the right to amend the tournament guidelines, if necessary, which will be final and binding.

Before the Match

  Registration. For all events EXCEPT the Open Singles, registration on the same day of the event and on-site. Proceed to the Registration Booth and pay corresponding event fee.
    For Open Singles event, pre-registration is on-site from March 28 to 29, 9AM to 12NN. Proceed to the designated Registration Booth and pay corresponding event fee.
  • Wait for announcement of board assignments, claim Match Form from the Tournament Directors Table and proceed to assigned board.
  • Each player/team is allowed a standard 9-darts warm-up.
  • In the event that your opponent is not yet present, call the attention of the Marshall nearest you. A 5-minute default time begins once the Tournament Director makes the follow-up call.
  • Toss Coin to start the match and in all decision legs.
    The player in the left side of the Match Form will make the toss coin and the player on the right side of the match Form chooses either head or tails to start the match.
    This is reversed in case of a decision leg. Player on the Right side makes the toss coin and the player on the left side chooses head or tail.

During the Match

  • Chalk your own Matches up to Top 16 for all events.
    Mark your scores first before pulling out your darts from the dartboard.
    All scores should be recorded as numbers.
    Scores should be written clearly and legibly.
    Confirm winning shot to your opponent to end the leg before erasing scores.
  • For any disputes or concerns regarding your opponent, approach the nearest Marshall

After the Match

  • Winner records the score on the Match Form, signs, and submits it to the Tournament Directors table or Tournament Marshall as the case may be.

Awarding of Cash Prizes and Trophies

  • The awarding of Cash Prizes and Trophies will be made the next day before the start of the day’s event except the Open Singles which will awarded after the finals.
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